Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation



When you are injured on the job or through the carelessness of another, a Wagoner & Steinberg attorney stands ready to protect your rights.  Our practice includes representation in the areas of automobile accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, injuries caused by a defective product or machine and injuries suffered in the work place.

In personal injury cases, your claim is fully investigated, negotiated and if necessary, litigated.  When appropriate, we bring in experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, product engineering, economics, and medicine to support your claim.

We pursue every legal option, including trial by jury, to secure a final resolution of your case. For injuries suffered in the workplace, we stand as your advocate at your Workers' Compensation hearings, depositions and trials to see that your interests are fully represented.

In every case, our team of experienced attorneys and their legal support staff provides a responsive approach to your legal needs -- an approach that has obtained awards totaling millions of dollars.




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